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Midnight intruder - *requested by fakecubiczirconium

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Reba 15 Day Tumblr Challenge

If any of you fans of the show want, here is a 15 day challenge! Each day is a different question, or do them all in one day, it’s up to you.

  1. What made you start watching the show
  2. Favorite character
  3. Least favorite character
  4. Character you relate to the most
  5. Favorite quote
  6. Something that made you cry
  7. Something that made you laugh
  8. Most shocking moment
  9. Favorite season
  10. Favorite episode
  11. OTP
  12. BROTP
  13. Favorite guest star
  14. Character that should have had more screentime
  15. Do you think the show should have been cancelled when it was
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Hey guys! I just updated the theme to one that is hopefully easier to navigate than the one I previously had. I’ll be working on something for the sidebar to add to it soon :)

Also, as I’ll be trying to fill any requests during this week and weekend does anyone have any for me?

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fakecubiczirconium answered your question: fakecubiczirconium answered your question: Do you…

how bout the scene where reba was up at midnight cleaning the oven

oh, this is an old request. I’ll have this up for you within the next couple days :)

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Reba and Dr. Jack “Hunky” Morgan

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Anonymous whispered: Hey this is a werid question, but how do I Reblog your stuff when I am acutally on your page?

I originally answered this in regards to the old blog theme, but I’ve just changed the theme to a new one which should be easier to navigate :) thanks!

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(via shut-up-kyra)

*requested by anonymous

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